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Good Evening ClassifiedsGiant users,

Posted on October 17, 2014
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You may have noticed that the site has been undergoing a few changes within the last week, particularly when posting ads. This was due to various testing however, ClassifiedsGiant have reverted back to the original process of posting ads which our users find completely persistent and reliable.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone. Every choice we make is an attempt in making ClassifiedsGiant an abiding source for our users.
We value our customers and we thank you for your continued support. We ask that you feel free to contact us regarding any questions or comments you may have regarding ways to improve
Take advantage of our premium membership of $4.99 per month, that’s about 0.16 cents a day. Premium ads includes zero advertisement and is distributed through RSS feed, and various social media across the internet to gain maximum exposure. support
Email: Offering Users Free Way to Advertise and Earn Cash

Posted on October 30, 2013
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Oct. 30, 2013 – BRONX, N.Y. — October 28, 2013: ClassifiedsGiant, a renowned website when it comes to online classifieds for buying, selling and trading services, is offering users a free way to advertise their products and services. Users will earn $5.00 just by signing up for the affiliate program. The website allows users to search and post unlimited ads free of cost.

When contacted, a spokesperson from ClassifiedsGiant said, “We are offering these services to help local consumers advertise their businesses at little or no cost. Our services have been provided since 2009 and continue to be recognized as professional, consistent, and a free website.” He further added, “Posting ads for both businesses and products helps people get more exposure. The more exposure your ad receives the more likely there will be a transaction. Our affiliate program is also 100 percent free and anyone can join it. We aim to be one of the leading websites for online classified advertisements.”

According to the sources, posting online classified is an easy and flexible procedure. ClassifiedsGiant presents a wide range of formats to post advertisements. The technologies including Shockwave and adobe flash allow users to create eye-catching and innovative advertisements to attract the targeted audiences. Users are also allowed to modify and design their ads according to the groups and age range of audiences.

ClassifiedsGiant offers a two-tier affiliate program that help users earn 50 percent of each sale made by users they refer. In addition, they can also earn $0.10 for every referral ad posted. Users would get 25 percent recruiting sub affiliates to join the program. There are no limits to the amount of referrals users can make.

Affiliates get a number of banners and textual links that they place within the site, blog or profile page after joining the affiliate program. Once a user clicks on one of the links, they are automatically redirected to and the action is tracked by affiliate software.

When contacted, Bob Brown from and a user of ClassifiedsGiant said, “I like ClassifiedsGiant for two obvious reasons…unlike some free classified sites, it’s very easy to place your ad and the ads that I have placed have gotten results.”


ClassifiedsGiant is a classified website that offers classified advertisement services. The website also provides affiliate program for users to get extra income.

Private Label Rights in Internet Marketing – How Can PLR Articles Help Your Website

Posted on October 1, 2013
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Private label rights function as a license that allows content authors sell most of the rights for their work to a client. While there is no underlying legal definition to the concept, it helps outline the boundaries within which you can use the content you purchase from writers, designers and artists.

Private label rights can apply to ebooks, design templates, graphics, video and other content, but are usually reserved for articles used for Internet marketing purposes. Also known as PLR articles, this method of content distribution allows the buyer to gain access to professionally written content on a subject of their choice and use it to promote products or services on their website.

The fact that private label rights are typically sold to many clients at once means that the purchased content won’t be unique when published online. As a result, PLR articles won’t be helpful in increasing search engine rankings. Some people find a way around that by rewriting them or using some software to ‘spin’ them, but it is rarely efficient.
While the articles do not act well for SEO, they can be good for Internet marketing purposes. Professionally written and well-researched content is exactly what people are looking for in a website they visit to buy products or services.

If you do not have an established traffic source to your website, you will only gain a limited benefit from PLR articles. In fact, they may harm your standings in search engines if you’re already relying on organic traffic for business.

On the other hand, if you bring potential clients directly from mailing lists, CPC advertising campaigns and other methods of online promotion, private label rights can provide you with the much needed content that will inform your visitors and introduce them to the benefits of your products. Affiliate Program – $5 dollar signup bonus

Posted on September 27, 2013
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ClassifiedsGiant Affiliate Program

Our program is 100% Free to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to profit from their websites. Affiliates generate traffic and sales for websites and in return receive a commission payment.

Our Affiliate-program:

Two tier affiliate program
Earn 50% of each sale made by users you refer.
Earn $0.10 for each unique ad post from users you refer.
Earn 25% recruiting sub-affiliates to join our program.
Unlimited Referrals
World wide traffic accepted.
Get Paid Via PayPal.
Get Paid Via Bank Transfer.
Get Paid Via Bank Check.
Min payout $25 dollars.

No cap or limit to the amount of money you can earn.

$5 dollar signup bonus, when you Join Today…

Multi Level Marketing‎ Strategies for Long-Term Success

Posted on May 19, 2013
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Multi level marketing is a controversial topic even among online entrepreneurs, there are often have mixed feelings about every new launch in this industry. The abundance of scams, misleading offers and pyramid schemes posing as MLM programs has caused people not to consider it as a reliable long-term earning opportunity.

However, all products and strategies are not made equal. There’s always something better just around the corner, and this article will introduce you to the most important tips that will help you achieve lasting success with multi level marketing.

Conduct Honest Business

Some marketers decide to try and make money by luring in Internet users with false promises. Before you consider joining them in this practice, note that what they are doing is not sustainable and does not land them that much money in the first place.

The true secret to generating long-term income with multi level marketing is being honest with the Internet users who could become new clients or members of your downline and supporting them every step of the way.

Choose Reliable Partners

Once you’ve decided to step on the path of honesty, you should surround yourself with like-minded people who have the same ideals and work ethics. There are way too many people who don’t consider MLM a ‘legitimate business’, which ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy for them because of their unprofessional attitude.
This also applies to choosing a program or product with a lot of earning potential, instead of just going with the most popular option that might be ‘dried out’ already.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

You won’t be able to score a sizable check every week unless you focus most of your efforts on bringing more subscribers to your downline and getting them hyped up about the latest MLM program you’ve joined.
In order to successfully promote it, you need to first find out exactly who your audience is. Once you’ve done that, it’s only a matter of hard work and some creative idea to get your latest multi level marketing venture off its feet.

Top 5 Affordable Home Improvements

Posted on May 16, 2013
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Home improvements aren’t usually cheap, because most of them require your investment in quality materials and hardware. This article lists five different methods of improving your residence without busting your budget.

Laminate Floors

When it comes to flooring, there are few materials that can compare to hardwood in terms of durability and visual appeal. Laminate flooring comes pretty close, and some versions even exceed its potential.

Installing Sprinklers

If you have a property with a lawn you want to keep green and lush, you can’t go wrong with installing an automated sprinkling system. Retailers that specialize in selling tools for gardening and various home improvements will usually have several models available at a very good price.


Once you’ve made sure that your neighbors envy you for your grass, it’s no time to stop. By hiring professional landscaping services and doing your part as well, you can fit your outdoors with a nice garden and shrubbery that will surely put your house guests in a good mood.

Wood Fencing

If you can’t seem to find a reason to have wood fencing on your property, you’ve most likely just never really thought about it. It keeps pets safer, adds more privacy to your backyard and secures your home against burglaries. Even your landscaping efforts could benefit from a traditional white fence, or some more creative home improvements using a similar idea.

Exterior Painting

The sun and weather conditions probably haven’t been kind to your house exterior. Once you put on some cash and get in the mood for hiring professional painters, you can get your home to look as good as new, at least from outside. This and the other examples prove the fact that you don’t need to put out all of your savings to make amazing home improvements.

Advantages of Inflatable Boats & Watercraft

Posted on May 14, 2013
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Boats & watercraft choices on the market can surprise with the wide range of possibilities that you may encounter. While your purchase decision will mostly depend on the purpose you need them for, inflatable models will have many appealing advantages over traditional boats & watercrafts made from wood and other materials.

Convenient Storage

Due to their light weight and compact size, inflatable boats can be easily stored in a spare room or a closet. They don’t take up a lot of space when deflated, especially when compared to wooden boats & watercraft, which usually take up an entire garage or have to be kept in the driveway.

Easy Transport Options

These qualities also ensure more transport options for you and your friends when going fishing or elsewhere. All you have to do before heading out is throw it in your car trunk and hit the road with the rest of your stuff, whereas a typical boat would lag behind your vehicle and eat up extra gas.

Low Prices and Maintenance Costs

Inflatable boats & watercraft are also much more affordable than most of their rigid counterparts on the market, and not just in terms of the price. A boat like that would be much less likely to require repairs and save a lot of money on maintenance costs.

Stability and Ease of Handling

Compared to most boats made of rigid materials, the lightweight and flexible inflatable watercraft models are easier to handle on the water and have greater buoyancy. You won’t run the risk of accidentally losing stability and having extreme difficulties when inflatable boats & watercraft fill up with water or turn upside down.

Benefits of Having Roommates

Posted on April 18, 2013
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Let’s face it, sometimes it isn’t convenient to have roommates, and it can be a bummer, but I can hear you saying “Go ahead! List some benefits of having a roommate!” and that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing throughout this article:

Saving on Rent
If you have a roommate you are probably sharing the rent with him or her – and this means you are just paying half of it. If you want to get a roommate and save on rent, then do it if you don’t mind the loss in privacy – as this is the biggest drawback having a roommate brings.
So, bottom line, the first benefit is about saving money!

Saving on Household Items
Detergent, soap, rags, toilet paper, there are lots of household items that sum up to an expensive bill, but you and your roommate will divide the cost. Many times, buying in large amounts can bring you discounts like the “Take 3 for the price of 2”, so you’ll end up saving a lot of money if you have a roommate – well, second benefit is about saving money too.

To Help You Through Rough Times
If you drank too much that night or if you are having a problem, having a roommate can really save you some trouble, and roommates are typically good friends. I had a roommate once that really bailed me out some hard times. So, third benefit is about saving yourself, not money.

To Keep Burglars Out

Different people have different schedules, so if you have a roommate there is probably someone in the house at all times, or most of the times – fourth benefit is about saving the house.

So, bottom line, having roommates isn’t that bad, it can save you money, it can keep the house safe and it can get you out of some hard times.

Role of Pets in Our Modern Life

Posted on April 16, 2013
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Since ancient times, people have had an affinity towards domesticating wild animals. There were many practical purposes for such behavior, such as using domesticated wolves in hunting or oxen to work on the fields.

A lot of things have changed since then, and people in urban areas of modern cities have retained their natural desire for having pets without the practical side of the human-animal relationship. Even though dogs are still widely used in hunting and as guards on private property, pet owners who live in medium-sized city apartments have hardly considered that as their purpose.

For modern people, pets can be likened to other elements of decor that we put in our homes, such as furniture, paintings or plants. Cats and dogs, as well as hamsters, goldfish, reptiles and any other pets kept at home draw attention to themselves and serve to please our eye. But is that true in every situation?

It wouldn’t be entirely right to claim that every single dog or cat owner approaches their pets from a materialistic point of view. Many people who adopt puppies or kittens and bring them up at their home treat their pets as nothing less than family members.

Besides frequently being sources of amusement, pets have also become essential in many families for teaching children about responsibilities and caring for animals. These daily encounters prepare kids for a lot of situations in their adult lives, proving that pets can be very valuable to a modern urban person after all.

Pets are a source of warmth and a living presence that can lift anyone’s mood when they’re alone. Surprisingly, they’ve gradually given up their role as our guides into the wild and have themselves entered our world of social interactions and human contact, as we welcome pets into our families.

5 Home Based Business Opportunities Online

Posted on April 12, 2013
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Are you used to traditional jobs being your only source of income? Then you must be surprised by all the people who claim significant earnings from online business opportunities

The best news is that anyone can do it! All you have to do is find something that you’re good at and put in some effort. No investment required!
If you’ve heard about how much money you can on the Internet, but don’t really know where to start, this article will point you in the right direction with these 5 home based business opportunities online.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have become the gateway for Internet users to experiencing the web, and their algorithms are the gatekeepers. You can help other businesses increase online exposure by providing paid SEO services.

Freelance Writing

If you’re not the kind of person to handle a lot of separate tasks or get involved with risky business opportunities, you’ll be the perfect candidate to becoming a freelance writer. There are thousands of writing projects popping up on the Internet every minute, and all you need to do is put yourself out there to get a share of that income.

Product Sales

Are you more of a seller than a service provider? Then this is the business opportunity for you! People who can produce something or think they could be good resellers should immediately head down to the Internet’s most popular auction websites and merchants. Alternatively, you can start your own website to showcase your products.

Affiliate Marketing

Even if you yourself don’t sell any products or services, there’s still a way for you generate revenue from those business opportunities! Thanks to various affiliate marketing programs, you can generate generous commissions from every buyer you refer to a seller online.

Multi-Level Marketing

Fans of more rewarding business opportunities will surely find multi-level marketing to their tastes. Your success with these ventures will depend mainly on your ability to choose long-lasting and reliable MLM programs.

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